Introduction to Relationship Attraction Lessons

How to Get Started Download (6:32)


Relationship Attraction Lessons


Where is He/She?

How Can I Imagine It? Download (3:30)

How Do I Stop Attracting the Wrong Guys Download   (3:15)

How to Stop Attracting Irrational Women Download (4:22)

Feel Like Ive Been Waiting Forever
Download  (5:51)

Time is Running Out!

What’s Wrong with Me?

I’m so Lonely

I’m Too…(Old, Fat, Skinny, Short, Tall, Young, Loud, etc)

If Only I Was in a Relationship, Things Would Be So Much Better

I Just Want to Get Married

You Loving Him Him Not Loving You Equals…What? Download (8:34)

Attract Your Dream Relationship Download (3:29)

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Speak Up to Get What You Want Download (4:00)

I’ve Lost Me

I’m Too Scared to Start Over

He/She is Driving Me Crazy!

If I Wasn’t a Strong Person I Don’t Know What I’d Do

It’s Never Enough

I Want it To Work

Negative Opinions of Others

I Just Want to Get Married

Why Can’t He/She Just Change

How Was Your Valentines Day? Download (3:18)

Slow Down Love? Not My Style. Download (4:26)      Book Recommendation

The Break-Up

How Do I Get Him/Her Back?

I Can’t Sleep

Wasn’t I Enough?  What’s Wrong With Me?

He/She Won’t Accept It’s Over

The Myth of Unhappiness Download(4:29)

A Barometer of Success Download(5:01)


How to Cope at Family Events

What to do About Negative Family Members

What Do You Do When Your Family Doesn’t Support You?


How Do You Deal with Negative Nelly Friends

Learning to Say No

When You No Longer Have Things in Common


Keeping the Peace at Work

Falling for My Co-Worker, Now What?

My Co-Workers Don’t Like Me


Courage to Speak Up Download (0:59)

Hard Time Imagining It Download(0:40)

Attract the Right Person
Download (1:39)

What Amazing Adventure Am I On?

I am Deserving of All Great Things!

What Else is Possible?



Courage to Speak Up Download (3:12)

Hard Time Imagining It Download(3:24)

EFT Attracting the Wrong People Download (2:34)


Clearing Questions

Courage to Speak Up Download(5:20)

Hard Time Imagining It Download (5:50)

CQ Attracting the Wrong Person Download (6:30)


The Sedona Method

Courage to Speak Up Download (1:05)

Hard Time Imagining It Download (1:23)

SM Attracting Wrong and Right Person Download (2:21)



This is the audio that is stripped directly out of the video and not edited so there are gaps and odd sounds at times – lol

January 15th, 2014 – Relationships- Sorry, no Audio recording for this day’s call

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April 24th – Relationships Download

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February 13th – Relationships Download

October 31st – Relationships Download

November 28th – Relationships Download


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