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Mindset Expert and Coach, Karen Luniw has been working with individuals and business for over a decade to help facilitate their success.  Karen has an insatiable appetite for finding how to make things easier so people can find their success faster.   What the Essentials Audio Membership is combines all her years of experience homepage besuchen homepage besuchenand research boiled down into a really easy to use format that you can come back to as new challenges (good and not so good) arise.
Here’s how it works:
  • Sign up for your Free Audios –  you will get access to selected audios in the topic of Money.  Listen to the audios as they come to you and practice the exercises Karen gives you – we know you’ll love the process and want more.  There is sooo much more waiting for you!
  • Once you decide to join the Attract More Now Essentials Audio Membership – you’ll decide if you want to pay monthly or for the year and then once payment is made, you’ll be directed back to an area where you can register and pick your Username and Password so you can get started listening to the main Collection of Audios.
  • You’ll notice that each area (General, Business, Money, Work and Relationships) has four sections:
    1. Introduction to…; (General, Business, Money, Work & Relationships)
    2. Attraction Audio Lessons – which may have a variety of topic sections that are easy to navigate;
    3. Focus Statements;
    4. Clearing Tools.

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  • Here’s what to expect under each section:
  • Introduction to…  In this section you’ll find a brief Introduction to the page and what you can expect.  You’ll want to listen to this at least once.
  • ….Attraction Audio Lessons In this section you will find short audios (usually less than 10 minutes) on a whole variety of topics that Karen has found common with her clients, speaking event participants and workshop participants.
  • Focus Statements….  As part of Karen’s Smarter, Faster Formula, where and how you focus makes all the difference.  These may be similar to meditations or affirmations but will contain some specific statements you can recite to yourself to retrain your brain and shift your consciousness.  These audios will also be short – usually less than 10 minutes.  These are great to listen to either in the morning as you awake or at night before you sleep, although you can listen to them anytime it feels like you want a boost!
  • Clearing Tools…. In this section, Karen will share some of her favorite Clearing Tools (EFT, Sedona Method and Access Consciousness) to help you clear out limiting beliefs on these specific topics.  Again, these audios will be short.  These are great for doing in the moment as ‘stuff’ comes up but also really great to do at the end of your day.
As part of Karen’s Smarter, Faster Formula, all these audios are key components of Shifting you into your brilliance so you can allow more of what you really want in your life (Shine!)  so you can Grow into the person and lifestyle/work/business style that best reflects you!
This audio collection is a work in progress and we will be adding to it monthly based on your feedback (send us your questions – click here) and as Karen is inspired.
See what’s included:
This is what you’ll get in the Basic Essentials Package: P

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