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Essentials Private Coaching Call Got Results Right Away!!


Got myself into a tizzy obsessing about a possible opportunity and told myself the old story that they hadn’t contacted me because of something I did wrong. Did a quick and powerful clearing with Karen and released the angst right away and kept it away. The result? The opportunity manifested quickly just as it should have without me getting in the way!
Kathy Smith

Maritime Writer







Hi Karen

I had a giggle today. I spent some time last night and this morning destroying and uncreating things that were holding me back. When I was ready to go out today I was surprised to find that my shoe was mysteriously broken and then when I was walking down the street my handbag burst and fell to the ground for no apparant reason. I didn’t expect the universe to LITERALLY destroy and uncreate everything…… but it’s nice to know she is listening 🙂

Thank you for your awesome work in the essentials programme. Listening to the weekly sessions has allowed me to keep the momentum going. I thought I was pretty good at doing all the right things with the LOA but through your programme my awareness has grown considerably. Your work really is life changing, no wonder you enjoy it so much.

Thanks again

 Hi Karen,
I hope you are well.
Earlier this year I had a free half hour coaching session with you. Things seemed very bleak for me.
Unemployed & without any money, I didn’t know how I was going to support myself, keep a roof over my head, get a job, or turn my life around. I had to file Ch. 13 a couple of years ago in order to keep my car & pay back taxes. I felt shame around this. If I was unable to keep making monthly payments, the work done by my attorney would have been for nought. Your advice was to change my perception around filing for bankruptcy. Be joyful. Ask myself what would it take for it to be the best thing ever to happen to me. Focus on the best case scenario.
You & I had such a wonderful conversation. You did that crazy statement (pattern interrupt) exercise with me. I remember sitting in nearly a meditative state while you talked. By the end I felt light & bubbly, laughing and feeling silly…so different from the beginning of our talk.
You taught me to ask a better question of the universe. What would it take to…?
You said to pay attention to what shows up? Start acting on it. Follow inspiration. Open to receive from the universe.
I changed the way I worded my questions to the universe. I began every query with “What would it take to…?”
Feel secure?
Have a FT job?
Have my own apt ?
Receive money just as air or the sun?
Adopt out stray kittens?
Keep my car?
The list goes on and I keep practicing. I keep the notes from our talk taped to the wall next to my bed to remind myself how to ask better questions?
I had to write to let you know what’s happened. I got a job with a fabulous company in my new career field of IT. Been going to school for certifications for nearly 1 year. I’ve been able to negotiate terms to keep my Ch. 13 intact and got stray kittens adopted. It’s all been amazing and happened within a short time after our talk. You’re correct that the Universe likes speed.
I’m very grateful that I followed my inspiration to request the session with you in the first place. Thank you very much for the help you bring to us via the Internet, especially what you helped me see.
Have a lovely day. 😀
Tess Adams 




“I have excellent news. All was bleak and I had a ton of stuff coming up with all the releasing work
I’ve been doing, but now I have had a break through.  …. I’m really thrilled and yes, I have been doing a great big happy dance.
Thanks so much for everything.”

“Since you have answered my question on attracting my soul mate on the second Q&A video, I feel a big shift in my awareness!!
I quickly got over the fear of being a love magnet and allow that energy to flow through me. I feel that that block has totally been released.  I more frequently recognize qualities that I want in a soul mate in other people and express my gratitude for that evidence.  I am making the effort to ask more questions and release conclusions.
My body definitely feels much lighter now than it did before when discussing my attraction of my soul mate.
Thank You Karen!!”  ER



My life has done a 180 , ever since your class . I’m allowing the universe to show me things I have always wanted but never thought I could have , it is truly amazing and grateful for being taught . I am grateful for the clients that are tooling through my door an the phone ringing none stop , it itself is truly amazing , thank you !!! I do notice almost all my thought are conclusions lol and I’m finding it very easy to correct ,  I have allowed myself more patience , which has helped me , I wanted more of it !!!
I have found myself noticing other peoples conclusions , it’s very interesting ! I can see there auras more clearly , knowing what I know now , strange !!!! , but beautiful .
I would love to meet with you again , it would be a delight .
Thank you

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